Saturday, November 20, 2010

What a suprise!

Alright so...yah. The voting took a weird twist as people voted for this one:

I watched the forbidden red liquid drip off my fingers. The stabbing pain engulfed my stomach as the loss of blood blurred my vision. A high toned giggle shot out of me. This is it. I've gone crazy. I smiled at him once more before collapsing on the ground, my body now soaked in our blood and my eyes closed never to open again.

Authors I love to death

Here you go darlings:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vote and See =D

We've come down to two different summaries:
The long one

Silvery drops of rain fall down her cheek in streams. Eyes closed, her face is up to enjoy the cold water that soaks her clothes and hair. The icy drizzle seems to seep to the very bone—very soul of her existence, cleaning her mind to the point where everything becomes clear. And at the moment a laugh is planted from the bottom of her heart, growing and blossoming in the rain. A place no one—yet everyone can hear the joyful giggle. This is her, Avilla. This is where she is, a world unlike every other. Lastly, this is where she will learn, a little town off the beach. It may take days, weeks, even years before she is ready to face the things she must. Whatever the time may be, this small girl from a hospital birth, in a technology world full of laziness must fight to the death in two days with only her hands and her heart. The laugh that fills the air now seems insane. She is insane.
Shorter one
Jet black fur seems to bristle with excitement, and strong legs pound of the ground with a sprint. My body would fly from this mighty creature if I did not have such a hold on his thick neck. My eyes go to his determined blood red pupils, then to his goldenrod horn. A unicorn used to be such a beautiful and loving thing in fairytales. I feel ignorant to now know they are cruel, violent animals, filled with hate and strength. I shudder to think of what a fairy or elf would be like…. Yet I’m filled with exhilaration to be riding one. Where are we going?

Please vote for your favorite by sending an email to savannah dot klein at hotmail dot com

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Monday, March 8, 2010


Ranting about nothing, only to realize we’re doing this 10,000 words later
Intelligence we wish we had
Take slow steps away from computer. I’m not done writing so you can’t read.
Each time my editor uses that red pen to cross out a paragraph shoot me
Random words we place it to make it seem longer.

It is true, anyone can write. For gods sake a six year old can write a book if they put there words together. It might not have first-class grammar and spelling, nor be any good but in the end--> it is a book.
The thing that separates a real writer and those that can place the words together and pretend is simple: a writer's mind works differently. We are insane in everyway possible--ideas cramming into our head when our pens are not around, and when we're finally at that computer no words seem to be found!
The world is full of experiences that we wishes to grasp and shove into words so that people can imagine it the same as we do! But how can someone possibly understand the hues and visions of a crazy person with a pen?! It is simple! Readers must have a tad bit of the insane bug too! The sad thing is a lot of people are not reading now days. They want stupid dramas about vampires like "Oh Edward I love you. Turn me into a vampire so I can F*** you till the end of time!" Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! BARF!

A bit more ranting about writer-ism:
D: I wish I had a machine that I could hook up to my brain that could take all the ideas, places, and people in my head that I spend hours writing about and just put it into words. A little [loading 1-100%] would show up. And if I needed coffee it would say [Warning. Battery low. Need to recharge.] Oh! Or better yet have it so it loads into a little flash drive that people can buy to hook up to their brains and watch it. Not like a movie (those are too short) but something that places the person right where the character's at when they close their eyes. Ha-ha that would be amazing!
But enough dreaming! It's almost time to start sending my copy of Sweet and Sour love to a publisher! Cross your fingers, cupcakes! XOXO

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to write a story


2½ cup of plot line

¾ teaspoon of names

3 gallons of time

6 gallons of coffee/caffeinated beverage

10 minutes of sleep (because that's all you get)

Support friend/family member (Number varies/optional)

A computer with word or a really, really large notebook and a TON of pencils with HUGE erasers

1 cool slogan/signature

132 more gallons of coffee/caffeinated beverage

Lots and lots of cookies

3 good movies

5-101 reverence books


10 MORE minutes of sleep (Just for funnz)


You know what just make it an infinite number of coffee and/or caffeinated beverages


An answer to your questions about Alex (my all time FAVORITE character)

Alex was first made to be named Harru.(Strange Japanese name xD) The story of where I found the name will be a for another day.
yes he has always had the dragon as his best friend. Cute.
The first time I made him:

He first came into the story by running into her when she first got into the world, after a bit of arguing that SHE didn't run into HIM, get got really upset that a human would talk to him like that. Stubbornnnnnnn. Anyways. I love him more than every.

Murder is a terrible thing, but if you must...

I must add a dedicated to all the murdered chapters that were deleted from the book, but placed in a hidden file so I would never lose it.

[First deleted character: Jacob and Kenna. The two best friends of Avilla. You will be missed]


I have been working on this book for about 4.5 years now and realized I had absolutly no real summary for it. SO! We're going to have vote/contest so I have a way to dazzle my future readers and hopefully convince people to at least TRY to read it.

[Here is an example: Lines directly from the book]

The illumination of the crackling fire seems to hover around, giving everyone an eerie look to them as they sit near the warmth. Sleep seems something of luxury, something I will not obtain easily for fear of having another nightmare. Though that soft wolf seems to lure me enough to try, for each dream seems to be filled with more euphoria than the last. Each time he arrives I gain knowledge of one more thing about the world, one additional spell that gets added into my notebook.

[ Give us some suggestions and we can vote between them. Thanks. XOXO]

[Savannah.Klein at hotmail dot com]

Sunday, November 23, 2008


"On our way to the London underground, we pass the striking ladies from Berdon's Bonnets Factory. Their faces are long; they lean into one another, resting their protest signs against their skirts whitst passerby pay no attention to their plight or, at the worst, heckle them, calling them the most appalling names.'Spare a copper for our cause?' the girl with the coin cup asks, her voice weary. 'I can spare more than that,' I say. I reach into my purse and give her what real coins I have, and then I press my hand to hers and whisper, 'Don't give up,' Watching the magic spark in her eyes.'The tragedy of the Berdon's Bonnets Factory!' she shouts, a fire catching.'Six souls murdered for profit! Will you let it stand, sir? Will you look away, m'um?'her sisters-in-arms raise their placards again. 'Fair wages, fair treament!' they call.'Justice!'Their voice swell into a chorus that thunders through the dark London streets until it can no longer be ignored."-The sweet far thing-Libby Bray-"And that is how chance happens. One gesture. Once person.One moment at a time" -Sweet far thing-Libby Bray-

There are a lot of truth in those words. If you do one thing, it leads to another. Thus creating a cycle. You may think that you're just one person in the world, One small person in a group of millions.But you are also one in a million. You have the power to speak up, to share you're feelings and options. Other people will hear you and follow, people will hear them, and so on. Everyone can change the world, but not everyone wants to, or changes it for the good.So go out there and Change the friggin world!